Fire Sprinkler System Testing & Inspections

Fire can spread at an alarming pace, but if your facility is equipped with a fully functioning, well-maintained fire sprinkler system, you’ve got a major advantage. This is because a fast response can slow the progress of the fire and minimize damage until your local firefighters can get to your facility.

Certizona’s fire sprinkler system experts are dedicated to helping Arizona industrial and commercial facilities like yours stay compliant and safe while increasing your insurance coverage eligibility.

Whether it is deluge, pre-action, foam-water, or standpipe, we have the expertise to inspect, maintain, repair, or replace any fire sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Flow Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler system flow testing and inspections are required per NFPA 25 and NFPA 13 to give maximum assurance that the fire sprinkler system is up to code and will operate effectively and safely.

Our fire sprinkler experts can perform the necessary routine services to keep your systems working properly. During a required inspection, Certizona’s highly trained and certified service technicians will do the following:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the system pressure gauges
  • Exercise and lubricate valves as needed
  • Perform a visual inspection of spare sprinkler head box
  • Perform a visual inspection of accessible sprinkler heads for condition and coverage
  • Testing of the flow and tamper switches
  • Testing for static and residual pressures to verify unobstructed and adequate water supply
  • Operate inspectors test valve to activate water motor gong/electric bell and verify functional flow of system
  • Audible and physical test of water motor gong/electric bell and trim accessories
  • Service interval tag installed on system riser and inspectors test valve
  • Provide a complete and detailed system report to customer for submittal to insurance company and/or the fire department

In addition to regular routine testing and maintenance, Certizona has all necessary equipment, certifications, and know-how for the following fire sprinkler services:

  • 5 year internal pipe & check valve inspections
  • 5 year inspections
  • Obstruction investigations
  • 20 year quick response fire sprinkler head testing
  • 50 year standard response fire sprinkler head testing
  • Fire sprinkler head replacements
  • Fire sprinkler piping repairs/replacement.

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Your inspection and maintenance frequency will vary based on your specific system and local requirements. We can help you determine what is needed for your facility and provide the necessary maintenance at the appropriate time intervals.


Monitoring is key to maintaining a properly functioning fire sprinkler system. We offer 24/7 central station monitoring (FM-approved). With our monitoring services, we can immediately notify the authorities with all the necessary information in the event that your sprinklers are activated.

Repairs & Replacements

If your fire sprinkler system isn’t working properly, we can help! Our knowledgeable team members have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle repairs or replacements.

Certizona – A Top Arizona Fire Sprinkler System Provider

At Certizona, we specialize in fire sprinkler services for commercial and industrial facilities in Phoenix, Mesa, and surrounding areas.

As the local experts in fire safety, we belong to the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors and the National Fire Protection Association. We are also CSA and NICET certified.

Give us a call today at (623) 227-2092 if you are looking for a reliable fire safety company to service or monitor your fire sprinkler systems.

Current Offers
  • Free Estimates
  • Monitoring discounts: 10% off monthly fees if paid quarterly, 20% off monthly fees if paid annually
  • 5% off first year’s service of annual testing and inspections with 3-year service agreement
  • 10% off first year’s service of annual testing and inspections with 5-year service agreement


Brooke Logan

Certizona provides real quality Customer Care! They were professional, knowledgeable and safety focused! They took the time to teach us how to use an extinguisher correctly and which one is for which fire type! I feel this was SO valuable for the safely of our clients as well as our own families! Thank you for going above and beyond! 

Chip Jordan

Certizona Fire & Safety provided professional service, with quality products at an exceptional price. Steve Rogers, can’t say enough about him. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable at his craft. If you own or run a business that requires annual inspections for your fire equipment, give these guys a try … you will not be disappointed.

Char Gomez

I love that the office staff contacts us and sets up an appointment in advance.  Steve was pleasant, informative and great to work with.  We would certain recommend them for any product or service you might need.

Dee Dee Shafer

Steve Rogers is AWESOME!! He went above and beyond while visiting my storage site, making sure I was confident and comfortable, on how to properly use a Fire Extinguisher if ever needed. I am so grateful for him and the obvious love he has for his job.

Copperhills Church

Steve did the annual inspection of our fire extinguishers and exit lighting.  He was very thorough, professional and friendly.  We appreciate the prompt service and will definitely continue to use Certizona Fire & Safety!  Thank you!

Mikel Sitterly

We have had a few Fire and Safety companies service our fleet extinguishers over the years.  The “other guys” never seemed to have time for us and would only service a few extinguisher at a time.  Most of the time the “other guys” would tell us they couldn’t service an extinguisher and needed to sell us a new one. Certizona is just the opposite of the “other guys”.  They are on time, very responsive and very professional.  They serviced our extinguishers on site and in a timely fashion.  They didn’t ask for our first born sons, nor did they ask for an arm and a leg.  They are fair on their pricing and eager to show us how it all works.  Everything they did was transparent and honest.  I could not recommend a company more.  Look if you have Fire and or Safety needs.  Definitely give Certizona a shot.  You will not be dissapointed.

Potter’s House Apothecary

Certizona Fire and Safety has done our annual fire inspections and maintenance for the past 3 years. We are always pleased with the service and reporting they provide. Steve came out this year and went above and beyond the standard level of service expected to take care of any issues we had. I highly recommend the company.

Drew Carroll

Steve was immensely helpful. I called Certizona out to inspect and certify our fire extinguishers but Steve did much more for us! Being a pastor of a small church, I don’t really know anything about fire code and what the Marshal is looking for but Steve helped walk me through that. By the end, all our exit signs and fire extinguishers were certified and ready to go. I recommend Certizona highly!

Armando Montes

Steve was amazing! Diligent worker with attention to detail and very fast! We had Certizona install a few fire extinguisher cabinets and are very satisfied with the clean work that was done! Thank you Steve, we will be using your services in the future.

Krissy Wertz

I definitely recommend Certizona for your fire & safety needs. The office staff with very polite and made the booking process easy. Steve was awesome to work with… he was on time and extremely professional. We are so thankful Steve was able to explain everything thoroughly to us and did a great job with our installs.